finding fouNdYC

life is beautiful, right?

it’s hilarious. it’s ironic. it’s unexpected. and i find it everywhere.

as a photographer, i’m constantly without a camera. doesn’t sound quite right, does it? but when it’s your job to take pictures, it’s hard to carry around a camera in your free time too. though even sans camera, i’m still always on the look out for the best image in front of me. my mind’s eye puts a picture frame around everything.

i’ve seen drunks on the subway,cherry blossoms playing in the air, i’ve found lingerie on the sidewalk and joyful inspiration in the strangest places. i’ve found nyc.

Smith/9th St - Kentile Floors

Smith/9th St - Kentile Floors

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jordan + matt: the wedding

jordan and matt’s wedding was my double wedding-duty trial run. in july i’ll be bridesmaid and photographer for two of my dearest friends’ wedding; and since my cousin jordy had asked me to be a bridesmaid and to bring my camera, this was a great opportunity to see how it’s going to work out.

i have to say that watching another photographer is tough. it’s so hard to let go and let someone else do “your job”. i wanted to be behind the camera, i wanted to be the one to say “let’s shoot here!” i wanted to see the framing, fix the settings, feel the victorious release of the shutter.

instead, i shot whenever i could and stood complacently in front of the camera when it was time. luckily dan was there with me to shoot when i couldn’t!

it was a beautiful day on st. simon’s island in georgia and the locations were amazing. it was a photographer’s dream.

matt gave all his groomsmen hatchets… i love the “american gothic” quality of this one:

this was one of my favorite shots from the entire day…

dan got this one – you can see me poking my head out on the right.

the reception was held right by a lighthouse on the beach. i was so glad we had enough daylight left to get some shots before the party began.

another fantastic capture by dan:

matt used to be (?) a rapper. he was part of a group called another robot sunset (the music is fantastic – check it out!). anyway, that was the inspiration behind this amazing cake topper.


one of the best moments of the day – for me – was seeing matt on his brothers’ shoulders, pumping one fist in the air and holding on for dear life with the other, a look of pure joy on his face, yelling – almost as if it were a sudden epiphany – “I AM AWESOME!” it was a perfect expression of what i wish for every bride and groom on their wedding day.

i got to have some fun too 🙂

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cindy + john: the wedding

several of my friends were guests at cindy and john’s wedding. one of my best girlfriends was a bridesmaid. it’s really amazing how the more comfortable you are, the better the photography is going to be. i think it takes some of the pressure and stress out of the job and allows you to really just have fun with it. it’s really important to get to know the people you’re working with!

i really liked this image when i took it. when my beau pointed out to me that the trees behind them make a heart with their linked hands, i liked it even more. do you see it? cool stuff.

one of my favorite images ever…

fonthill castle in doylestown, pa was a really amazing location. how often do you have a castle as a backdrop? it had been raining all weekend until the morning of the wedding – and it held off until half way through the reception. perfect timing, allowing for some perfect pictures!

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photo of the week

One of the images I shot of Joy and Michael is PHOTO OF THE WEEK on the blog! Further proof that Dumbo is a great place to shoot.

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cindy + john: coney island

i’m really excited about shooting cindy and john’s wedding at fonthill castle in doylestown, pa this saturday! they’re both so nice and laid back that it turns all the pressure and stress into a really good time with some really good new friends. of course, as an added bonus, they’re both hotttt!

check out some shots from our session in coney island earlier this month:

cindy is a graphic designer and keeps a great blog going – she had some incredibly sweet things to say about finding and hiring me to shoot their wedding. check it out.

it’s gonna be a fun weekend!

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wedding of the week + blog love (!!!)

joy and michael’s wedding images have been a big hit. the event was featured on the east side bride blog earlier this month.

additionally, joy and michael’s proofing site is WEDDING WEBSITE OF THE WEEK at! you can check it out below:

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cindy + john: preview

cindy and john met me out at coney island on monday. what a fun place to shoot!

a preview of what’s to come:

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