After hitching a ride from the Giant Winged Toad, our Hero arrives at the gates of Perilton. He discovers that an evil wizard has seized control of the town and the Mayor’s Daughter has been kidnapped. What’s a hero to do?

In the town square of Perilton, our Hero stumbles upon the Beggar…

…and the Merchant…

…and meets the beautiful Peasant Girl.

Our Hero happens upon a strange man in the cemetery. The man looks untrustworthy.

Eventually he figures a few things out.

Hide behind plant.

[points music]

Will our Hero save the Mayor’s Daughter? Will he defeat the evil wizard? You’ll have to see Adventure Quest to find out.

New York Press review
New York Theater review

Tickets are $15 and available at The Brick‘s website.

Sat Jun 6 @ 5:30pm SOLD OUT
Wed Jun 17 @ 8pm SOLD OUT
Thu Jun 25 @ 7pm
Sat Jul 4 @ 5pm

Extended dates with Game Play:

Fri July 10th at 8pm
Sat July 11th at 8pm
Mon July 20th at 8pm
Fri July 24th at 8pm
Sat July 25 at 8pm

Danny Bowes
Anne Carlisle
Sarah Engelke
Richard Lovejoy
Kent Meister
Timothy Reynolds
Alley Scott
Jesse Wilson

Written by Richard Lovejoy
Directed by Adam Swiderski
Stage Management by Kimberly Craven
Original Music and Sound Design by Chris Chappell
Graphic Design by Jamie Marshall
Costume Design by Marc Borders and Jim Hammer
Lighting Design by Ian W. Hill

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