joy + michael: the wedding

joy and michael’s wedding day was PHOTOLICIOUS! it was truly a lot of fun; and they are an adorable and incredibly kind couple.

joy and michael were married at smack mellon, an art gallery in brooklyn. both joy and michael are very creative and put together most of the wedding details themselves, from the dried lavender and cotton branches to napkins with random typewritten facts about the couple. homemade cookies made by the bride and her bridesmaids served as guest favors. michael shared a surprise slideshow of images he had taken around new york of various friends, family members and strangers wishing the couple good luck on whiteboard speech bubbles. joy’s dad is an alaskan fisherman (featured on discovery’s deadliest catch) and provided crab he had caught himself for the reception. he also wrote and performed an original song on the harmonica for the couple.

with their creativity and ours combined, we created some really beautiful images.

we started out at gramercy park hotel.

and then took a cab over to smack melon.

this has to be one of my favorite venues – if only because the surrounding neighborhood is so fantastic for cityscape portraits:

the space is flooded with light from windows looking out on the east river and manhattan bridge.

lindsay thorne shot with me. here are a few of her spectacular images:

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