cindy + john: the wedding

several of my friends were guests at cindy and john’s wedding. one of my best girlfriends was a bridesmaid. it’s really amazing how the more comfortable you are, the better the photography is going to be. i think it takes some of the pressure and stress out of the job and allows you to really just have fun with it. it’s really important to get to know the people you’re working with!

i really liked this image when i took it. when my beau pointed out to me that the trees behind them make a heart with their linked hands, i liked it even more. do you see it? cool stuff.

one of my favorite images ever…

fonthill castle in doylestown, pa was a really amazing location. how often do you have a castle as a backdrop? it had been raining all weekend until the morning of the wedding – and it held off until half way through the reception. perfect timing, allowing for some perfect pictures!

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One Response to cindy + john: the wedding

  1. Cyn Kaboom says:

    I never realized the heart thing! So cool…

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