jordan + matt: the wedding

jordan and matt’s wedding was my double wedding-duty trial run. in july i’ll be bridesmaid and photographer for two of my dearest friends’ wedding; and since my cousin jordy had asked me to be a bridesmaid and to bring my camera, this was a great opportunity to see how it’s going to work out.

i have to say that watching another photographer is tough. it’s so hard to let go and let someone else do “your job”. i wanted to be behind the camera, i wanted to be the one to say “let’s shoot here!” i wanted to see the framing, fix the settings, feel the victorious release of the shutter.

instead, i shot whenever i could and stood complacently in front of the camera when it was time. luckily dan was there with me to shoot when i couldn’t!

it was a beautiful day on st. simon’s island in georgia and the locations were amazing. it was a photographer’s dream.

matt gave all his groomsmen hatchets… i love the “american gothic” quality of this one:

this was one of my favorite shots from the entire day…

dan got this one – you can see me poking my head out on the right.

the reception was held right by a lighthouse on the beach. i was so glad we had enough daylight left to get some shots before the party began.

another fantastic capture by dan:

matt used to be (?) a rapper. he was part of a group called another robot sunset (the music is fantastic – check it out!). anyway, that was the inspiration behind this amazing cake topper.


one of the best moments of the day – for me – was seeing matt on his brothers’ shoulders, pumping one fist in the air and holding on for dear life with the other, a look of pure joy on his face, yelling – almost as if it were a sudden epiphany – “I AM AWESOME!” it was a perfect expression of what i wish for every bride and groom on their wedding day.

i got to have some fun too 🙂

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